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The Interview: Can Independents Heal America?

The two-party system is structurally inclined to intensify polarization. Is there a third way?

The United States is suffering the highest rates of political polarization in generations. Technologist and entrepreneur Brock Pierce, who is working on solutions through his One America SuperPAC, spoke with Roundtable about the causes and nature of this polarization, and the role participatory democracy must play in finding pragmatic solutions to our biggest problems. In this segment, Pierce discusses the importance of independent candidates in the political process.

"The problem is when you get elected as a Democrat or a Republican, it doesn't matter what you want," he says. "You're not allowed to act according to your conscience." 

"Ninety percent of the time or more, you have to follow the party line," he continues. "A lot of the times are elected officials are doing what they think is wrong, because that's just the rules of the game."

"This independent movement is going to try and get three senators elected or seven to 13 members of the house of representatives. If we  succeed in 2024 in doing that, we will be putting a line of unity right through the middle of the red and blue aisle. The idea is that neither party would have a majority. That will bring us back to the middle. Rather than the extreme sides, the left and right pulling us apart, it will start to heal."

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Roundtable Guests:

Brock Pierce, Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation