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The Interview: Curing PTSD in the Metaverse

In an attempt to help veterans, one innovative start-up is gamifying therapy with NFTs.

NFTs have already grown beyond their origins in blockchain-based art, but many people still don't understand exactly how wide their application will become in the coming years. One company at the forefront of innovating NFT utility is Digital Distro, whose CTO, Alessandro Patti, sat down with Roundtable at the BattleFin conference in Miami. In this segment, Patti explains his company's strategy and its involvement in a project that uses tokenized gaming in the metaverse to incentivize and improve the treatment of PTSD among veterans.  

The key to success in the emerging metaverse economy, says Patti, is taking a holistic and synergistic approach. 

“With NFTs, there are a lot of different projects that actually can work together," he says. "When we studied it, we realized it made sense for us to develop entire platforms. For example, we work with all of the different components that plague movie licensing [and] movie funding—from the music, to the the streaming rights, to legal—and we incentivize the gamification of it."

He continues, "The whole program helps the project rise from its inception. It's not only the tokens model. It's all these different business opportunities that we can build using these types of platforms.”

Patti notes that his company is also working on initiatives outside of the entertainment industry, including one project that might strike many as a counter-intuitive use of tokenized gaming. 

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"We're helping do the tokenization model for a veterans-based project that employs a first-person shooter game," he says. "The organization is backed by the government, and they basically have a platform in the a metaverse [on which] you can get treatment for PTSD by playing [specially] designed games." 

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Roundtable Guests:

Alessandro Patti, CTO, Digital Distro