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The Interview: Mar-a-Lago and Trump 2024

The FBI raid appears to have invigorated the former president's base. Will it propel him back into the White House?

The United States is suffering the highest rates of political polarization in generations. Technologist and entrepreneur Brock Pierce, who is working on solutions through his One America SuperPAC, spoke with Roundtable about the causes and nature of this polarization, and the role participatory democracy must play in finding pragmatic solutions to our biggest problems. 

In this segment, Pierce discusses his predictions for the next campaign seasons.

"The FBI rating Mar-a-Lago locked Trump into the winning the primaries and being the candidate on behalf of the GOP," he says. "I think it eliminated any chance of DeSantis running or anyone else having a shot." 

To understand why, he suggests two things: look at the recent primary results, and follow the money. 

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"It basically gave every Trump Republican their primary win, and it gave Trump record fundraising," he says. "So whatever the intention was, it really supported Donald Trump and the continuation of his political career." 

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Brock Pierce, Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation