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The Interview: Trapped in a Rigged System

Brock Pierce on his reconnaissance mission into the heart of the nation's malfunctioning political machinery.

The United States is suffering the highest rates of political polarization in generations. Technologist and entrepreneur Brock Pierce, who is working on solutions through his One America SuperPAC, spoke with Roundtable about the causes and nature of this polarization, and the role participatory democracy must play in finding pragmatic solutions to our biggest problems.

In this segment, Pierce explains the logic behind his recently aborted campaign for public office.

"I have an entrepreneurial background, and the idea of getting involved with our bureaucracy is something that I had a strong aversion to until I started talking to the the higher-ups in government," he says. 

"I just became so concerned about our collective future and I felt a moral obligation to get involved." 

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He goes on to explain the lessons from his up-close look at "all the ways in which the system is rigged."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Brock Pierce, Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation