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The Roundtable: Dollar Dominance & Europe

Not long ago, some thought that Europe and the euro would overtake the U.S. and the dollar, but that is looking increasingly fanciful.

What's the meaning of the ongoing financial downturn? How long will it last, and who will it affect most? A panel of experts on financial markets joined Roundtable to take on these questions and more. In this segment, they debate the future of the dollar.

Leon Lamle foresees the dollar, and the United States, attaining a new level of power and place of prominence in the world economy.

"America's going nowhere," he says. "We own 70% of all money in the world. If Europe goes through the winter that I think they're going to go through, if Germany gets their gas cut off, the U.K. has no one running the ship, it's going to be dark. And if you're a wealthy individual period, you're going to move that out of the Eurozone."

He continues, "Let's say you're Greece, Italy, Portugal. Who's bailing you out? They're gonna come to the U.S. and ask for loans." 

"Those loans will be in the form of dollars, which we make. And then we will be purchasing their Euro debt. All of that debt is what underpins the Eurozone. We lend it away. We do a Marshall plan part two."

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Tony Delgado, Founder, Latino Wall Street

Leon Lamle, Founder, Lamle Ventures

Jon Najarian, Co-Host, CNBC Halftime Report