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The Roundtable: Abortion and the Constitution

Should ending a pregnancy be decided by the unique political culture of each state?

A panel of commentators joined Roundtable to discuss sexual harassment, abortion, and other current hot-button issues. In this segment, they examine the constitutionality of abortion.

"There is no constitutional right to an abortion," Tracey Hoyos-Lopez argues, "but the most important thing is that this goes back to the states. So the people of those states can legislate and make sure that views are part of the laws of their own state."  

"The important thing is that it does go back to the states," she says. 

"If you believe that up until [the] 40th week, you should be able to have an abortion, then that should be legislated at your state. People in all the states think differently based on culture."

Watch the full discussion below:

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Roundtable Guests:

Tracy Hoyos Lopez, Attorney, Former Prosecutor

Joy Villa, #1 Billboard Charting Singer, Actress, Producer

Michael Loftus, Host, The Loftus Party Podcast

Dr. Sarah Manski, Professor of Business and Global Affairs, George Mason University