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The Roundtable: Health Innovation and Access

As the politics around universal healthcare continues to stall, tech companies are attempting to fill the gaps.

In this week's Roundtable Roundup, a panel of commentators from across the political spectrum discuss the Inflation Reduction Act, partisan politics, and the mainstream media. In this segment, they talk about universal healthcare and the role technology can play in expanding access.

Xavier Hawk argues that there's still space for private innovation in the healthcare space. 

"My company has a technology that is a sensor that will be going inside of our phones, and you'll be able to scan yourself every day and get a medical readout," he notes. "It'll be private on a blockchain that will be HIPAA-compliant." 

He continues, "Doctors will be able to help you in real time with assisted AI to give you preventative medical care that you can engage with right there in your home. As a company, we'll be able to provide a private healthcare system where you can get care remotely through your phone."

Alex Mascioli says that the biggest obstacle in the health tech space is the mass adoption of promising solutions. 

"The problem is getting a government or any sort of association to adopt and actually implement them," he says.

"Until that happens on a universal level, everything is going to remain fragmented." 

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Sharon Kyle, Co-Founder, LA Progressive

Niko House, Host, MCSC Network

Alex Mascioli, Co-Founder, Trade the Chain

Xavier Hawk, Founder, Phireon