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The Roundtable: Can #MeToo Go Too Far?

It's important to distinguish between the imposition of power imbalances and expressions of common attraction.

Joy Villa, Sharon Kyle, Taylor Ferber and Nick Hamilton joined Roundtable to discuss recent controversies around gender and race in media. In this segment they talk about objectification, sexual assault, and sexual attraction.

"I don't think that a man or a woman admiring a woman because she's attractive necessarily means that there is some type of objectification," says Sharon Kyle.

"When I think of objectification [and] of the #MeToo movement, we're talking about the imbalance of power and how those with power manipulate women." 

She continues, "They get an unearned benefit from women and the women get an unearned disadvantage. What we are talking about is a power struggle." 

"I don't like the idea that we're conflating normal people thinking that something is attractive or recognizing beauty with the #MeToo movement. These are two totally different things."

Watch the full discussion below:

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Roundtable Guests:

Joy Villa, Billboard Top 200 Artist, Producer

Taylor Ferber, Host, Cancel Me Baby Podcast

Sharon Kyle, Co-Founder, LA Progressive

Nick Hamilton, Founder, Nitecast Media