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The Roundtable: Transgender Athletes

Is it fair to let athletes born as biological males compete with girls and women in sports?

A panel of guests from across the political spectrum joined Roundtable for a roundup on this summer's biggest debates, from abortion access to gun violence to transgender issues. In this segment, they discuss the ongoing—and increasingly polemic—conversation around transgender athletes. 

Sharon Kyle of the LA Progressive observes that people have been changing genders for a long time, even though many of the issues at the center of debate are contemporary. 

"Gender nonconforming people have had medical procedures for thousands of years," she says. Even after modern surgeries, she notes, "They have physiology, and they may have an advantage, a physical advantage, but I'm willing to say as a cis-gendered woman that transgendered women are women. Should they be able to compete? I believe that that answer is up to the medical and the scientific community."

Conner Moore, host of the Politically Homeless Podcast, offers his view as a formerly competitive athlete.  

"As a strength-sport athlete, I used to take testosterone, different things, and I used to get blood work done all the time," he says. "Tomorrow without training, I could go beat every female heavyweight record in this state, and probably most of them in the country, and do it as somebody who hasn't weight lifted competitively in six years. It doesn't matter what my estrogen is. I could have enough estrogen my body to grow breasts." 

"It's just biology," he concludes.

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Sharon Kyle, Co-Founder, LA Progressive

Taylor Ferber, Host, Cancel Me, Baby! Podcast 

Conner Moore, Host, Politically Homeless Podcast

Adam Bulger, Host, Cinema Death Cult