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The Roundtable: Classified or Not, the Mar-a-Lago Documents Mean Trouble for Trump

It appears the former president violated laws around the handling of official records.

What will the findings of the Mar-a-Lago raid mean for Trump's future? A panel of experts joined Roundtable to analyze the incident's legal and political implications. In this segment, Bill Blum discuss the legal issues behind the classified documents discovered.

"You have to look at what statutes he's potentially violated," he says. "Most of the statutes that people are talking about require classified information or national defense-related information, but there's a section of the U.S. code that doesn't require classified documents." 

"That section," he explains, "pertains to official records that are simply removed from the custody and control of the government, and the person who takes those items into their personal possession, whether they're classified or not." 

He concludes, "I think Donald Trump is in trouble here. We're probably not going to see the affidavit anytime soon. But as far as I know, the search warrant supports the general reporting that we've seen about what the FBI seized."

Watch the full discussion below:

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Roundtable Guests:

Sharon Kyle, Co-Founder, Hollywood Progressive

BIll Blum, Founder and Editor In Chief, Blum's Law

Richard Painter, Former Chief White House Ethics Lawyer