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The Roundtable: Power and Consent in the Deshaun Watson Case

The NFL player's sexual misconduct case is a lesson in abuse of power.

A panel of commentators joined Roundtable to discuss sexual harassment, abortion, and other current hot-button issues. In this segment, the panel discusses the Deshaun Watson sexual misconduct case.

Dr. Sarah Manski observes that Watson chose victims who were particularly vulnerable: unlicensed masseuses.

"The women who work in these places are probably some of the most super exploited employees, because they were immigrants or maybe they don't have the proper paperwork. They probably don't have that option to leave the room," she says. "The power dynamic is really troubling, because he knows that these women really won't have much power in this situation, and he probably thinks that he'll be able to pressure them into doing things they wouldn't normally do."

Joy Villa adds that while the women may have initially consented to giving Watson a massage, they probably didn't anticipate how the situation would unfold. 

"He probably pushed them little by little to do things they weren't comfortable with. He probably asked them, got their consent to take the towel off," she argues. "Then afterwards they're like, whoa, I didn't expect all of this.'

Watch the full discussion below:

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Roundtable Guests:

Tracy Hoyos Lopez, Attorney, Former Prosecutor

Joy Villa, #1 Billboard Charting Singer, Actress, Producer

Michael Loftus, Host, The Loftus Party Podcast

Dr. Sarah Manski, Professor of Business and Global Affairs, George Mason University