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The Roundtable: Sex, Fear & Powerful Women

From Cleopatra to Wonder Woman, society has always had complex relationship to female sexuality and power.

A panel of experts joined Roundtable to discuss the role of trans influencers in sports. In this segment, they discuss female sexuality in a society of changing gender norms. 

"Sexuality is a weapon and you should know how to wield it," says podcast host Joy Villa. 

"Angelina Jolie can war whatever she wants. People with Onlyfans accounts aren't A-listers, but they should [still] own their sexuality."  

"Unleash it, because we do have that power," agrees Alana Mediavilla. 

Adding a note of levity to the conversation, Michael Loftus adds that men aren't allowed to express their sexuality to a similar degree. "

"My favorite thing is a woman who is smart and knows she's hot—but I want equality," he said. 

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"It isn't fair that if I go out and show a little bit of my nuts, they call the police." 

Watch the full video:

Roundtable Guests:

Alana Mediavilla, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur

Michael Loftus, Founder

Joy Villa, Host, The Joy Villa Show on YouTube

Taylor Ferber, Former Red Carpet Reporter, Host, "Cancel Me, Baby" Podcast