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The Roundtable: Feminism & Trans Women

Exploring the tensions between classical feminism and trans-rights activism.

A panel of experts joined Roundtable to discuss the role of trans influencers in sports. In this segment, they

Joy Villa expresses the view that trans rights should not be allowed to push its way ahead of a more established feminist agenda. 

"Trans women, trans men—get in line," she says. "There's more women on this planet. You're the minority. Women have been fighting for women's rights for a long time." 

"But if you're gonna fight for rights and you're gonna look at who's more disadvantaged, let's look at women's rights, because trans people are such a small portion of the population. Not that they don't deserve rights, but all of a sudden you want everything offered to you." 

Taylor Ferber connects the trans rights movement to wider currents in the culture. 

"The root of all this is [the idea that] we're owed something. We haven't been given the acknowledgement and recognition. You can get it, but can't give that recognition? Where is that respect for women?" 

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Watch the full video:

Roundtable Guests:

Alana Mediavilla, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur

Michael Loftus, Founder

Joy Villa, Host, The Joy Villa Show on YouTube

Taylor Ferber, Former Red Carpet Reporter, Host, "Cancel Me, Baby" Podcast