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The Roundtable: Inflation is Hitting Everyone

Americans across the political spectrum are suffering from the effects of rising prices and stagnant wages—including those once considered well-off.

In this week's Roundtable Roundup, a panel of commentators from across the political spectrum discuss the inflation reduction act, partisan politics and mainstream media in the U.S. In this segment, they analyze partisanship and inflation.

Alex Mascioli of Trade the Chain notes that politicians and average Americans have very different time scales when it comes to thinking about the cost of living. 

"We hear a lot of talk from the government and politicians talking about how they're gonna help people, but to people making 800 bucks a week, supporting a couple kids, trying to pay the rent, this bill doesn't mean anything to them," he says, referencing the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. 

"The time that it takes to go through those processes—they're just not thinking 60 years down the road," he says. "They're thinking about next week. You need to really touch their pockets immediately. Universal healthcare immediately would put anywhere from $500 to $1,500 back in people's pockets each month."

The analyst Niko House brings the conversation down to brass tacks and notes that his rent recently increased by $400—atop all the other daily-expenses Americans are now struggling to pay. 

"This means that that [a little] raise doesn't do anything for me whatsoever,"he says. "It's where we're at in the country right now."

"Everybody has the same problems now for the most part. Even those who are in the upper-middle class, I would say, might be suffering [because] their kids are in college and their jobs are not offering raises. Hell, a lot of people are getting fired."

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Sharon Kyle, Co-Founder, LA Progressive

Niko House, Host, MCSC Network

Alex Mascioli, Co-Founder, Trade the Chain

Xavier Hawk, Founder, Phireon