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The Roundtable: Mega-Utility in the Metaverse

In the coming years, we will move from an alternate reality to the real world in ways we are just beginning to comprehend.

There’s a lot more to the metaverse than 360-degree car chases and knights in armor fighting dragons. In fact, since it first came on stage with Web 1.0 and games like Second Life and Farmville, the metaverse has been a potential gateway to IRL activity, from devising solutions to global issues to trying on clothes before they’re even stitched together. In this segment, Roundtable’s Rob Nelson talks with three experts about the voyage between worlds and coming era of metaverse utility.

CEO and founder of Blockcities Brian Christensen says it’s that re-entry point where value is created int he metaverse. “Leveraging the metaverse as a tool to be able to actually create things in the real world," he says. "That's where it becomes really potent—where we're actually leveraging it and and bring things to life.”

“What we have been building since 2017 is a platform for tokenizing physical assets," continues Brian Christensen. "It's to allow people to buy little slices of real world assets ranging from real estate to agriculture with a little energy. We're leveraging a virtual twin planet as a mechanism to onboard into the main platform, in the same way that you'd have Google earth be able to drop little pins if this thing's happening here.”

Sasha Bernier, managing partner at Hestia Holdings and founder of Creativo, discussed the role of crypto and blockchain. 

"Because blockchain technology and crypto technology has arrived, it's basically made the world of the metaverse more dynamic," she says. "

"We're still very early on in the process, but I think now that we understand how blockchain technology works, there's just so much functionality. That's going to bring the life of the metaverse into an experience where that brings the world together. If you take a step back, what's made crypto an amazing functionality is that it brings communities together. It truly does. Right. We had the internet and when the internet was static, you brought in blockchain, it made it more dynamic."

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Watch the full discussion below:


Brian Christensen, CEO and founder of Blockcities, developing a platform to let individuals anywhere in the world to invest across multiple asset classes including real estate, managed agriculture and renewable energy assets.

Sasha Bernier, managing partner at Hestia Holdings and founder of Creativo. He is also the senior vice president and investment committee member of Cheltenham Enterprises, a single-family office

Rob McCarty, co-founder & CEO of Illust an augmented reality NFT metaverse