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The Roundtable: Media Manipulation & Web3

Can the next iteration of the Internet break with existing power dynamics?

A panel of experts joined Roundtable to discuss the role of trans influencers in sports. In this segment, they discuss social media, manipulation of public opinion and Web3.

Alana Mediavilla argues that existing social media platforms have facilitated greater control of public opinion.

"Several political candidates around the world were able to assume office because of technology and because of social media. That's why Facebook and Google have become so on top of censorship, because political unrest has occurred," she says. 

"It has also been used against people like what Cambridge Analytica did. They were basically responsible for genocide in two different areas. They were responsible for putting whoever paid them in power. You can manipulate people, because whoever controls the mind, controls the actions."

She adds that Web3 provides the opportunity to break with the top-down manipulation of Web2 platforms.

"You have an opportunity to speak to somebody peer to peer and to break through these older companies," she says. "Right now we think Facebook is this big Goliath, but technology comes and goes very, very quickly."

"The reality is that the power is ours and there's way more of us than there is of them. Now is our time to use the internet for the people the way that it was designed to used."

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Watch the full video:

Roundtable Guests:

Alana Mediavilla, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur

Michael Loftus, Founder

Joy Villa, Host, The Joy Villa Show on YouTube

Taylor Ferber, Former Red Carpet Reporter, Host, "Cancel Me, Baby" Podcast