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The Roundtable: Mental Health and Guns, from Inner-Cities to the Suburbs

The gun debate is increasingly intersecting with the growing conversation about mental health in America.

A panel of guests from across the political spectrum joined Roundtable for a roundup on this summer's hottest debates, from abortion access to gun violence to transgender issues. In this segment, they discuss gun violence, gun policy, and mental health.

Conner Moore, co-host of the podcast "Politically Homeless," notes that he thinks about inner-city gun violence differently than he does mass shootings in the suburbs. 

"With these mass shooter situations, I think that's very much a mental health and a gun problem," he says. "And I think in the inner cities, a lot of it is a lack of upper mobility. There's a desperation and resorting to crime and violence to get something."

Moore went on to describe the personal impact of an experience he had in Colorado.  

"I was at a Chipotle and a gun got pulled on somebody," he says. "I got my concealed carry card four weeks [later]—I will be carrying a firearm [because] people are nuts right now. I'm the kind of person that you want to have a [gun]. Because it stays safe and it would hopefully will never come out in public, ever."

Taylor Ferber notes that the nation's mental health crisis has become dramatically worse for Generation Z. 

"I'm a millennial, and when I was in school—forget about my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents—we never had to worry about this. People are just completely unhinged and losing it right now." 

Sharon Kyle, the publisher of LA Progressive, says she prefers a different framing altogether to describe urban gun violence.

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"I don't know that I would characterize it as a mental health crisis as much as an economic health crisis," she says. "What drives that poverty is something that many call racial capitalism. That's what drives these ghettos."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Sharon Kyle, Co-Founder, LA Progressive

Taylor Ferber, Host, Cancel Me, Baby! Podcast

Conner Moore, Host, Politically Homeless Podcast

Adam Bulger, Host, Cinema Death Cult