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The Roundtable: Art and NFT Communities

More than traditional art, NFT-based art generates a shared sense of purpose between the creator and her audience.

Bianca Montoya and Lorna Hernandez are two up-and-coming Puerto Rican NFT artists. They spoke to Roundtable at Lighthouse Smart Gallery about NFTs, digital art, and social change. In this segment, the two women discuss NFTs projects social change. 

"One of the most incredible things about NFTs is making people feel like they are part of [a community]—your mission is also their mission and their purpose," says Hernandez. 

She continues, "There is a beautiful sense of belonging. When you have projects like these, it definitely gives you hope that we really can make changes." 

"We can use technology and we can get together and we can meet people that will support us and help us."

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Bianca Montoya, NFT artist

Lorna Hernandez, NFT artist and activist