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The Roundtable: NFTs, Oceans, and Activism in Puerto Rico

Local artists describe their work in the context of the island's burgeoning NFT and activist worlds.

Bianca Montoya and Lorna Hernandez are two up-and-coming Puerto Rican NFT artists. They spoke to Roundtable at Lighthouse Smart Gallery about NFTs, digital art, and social change. In this segment, the two women share their respective NFT projects and their vision for how they can contribute to protecting the island's natural environment. 

Lorna Hernandez describes her NFT project "Galactic Sharks" as a reflection and outgrowth of her work with oceans and conservation non-profits.

"It's definitely an extension of my passion for the ocean and how much I want to show people its importance in Puerto Rico," she says. "I want to create and extend that love and protection so the ocean can keep thriving in Puerto Rico, and we can keep it clean."

"Twenty-percent of the proceeds are going to be donated to a nonprofit organization called Limpia," she continued, referencing a local three-year old NGO. 

"We want to add more organizations, so that basically you are being an activist with this artwork. You are also helping with the construction of a new infrastructure of ecological work that has to be done here. And the way that everything is done right now is not working, because so much trash is being buried in the landfills."

Bianca Montoya discussed the style and process behind her series, "Unusual Girls," describing it as "a generative project."

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"I've been doing 'Girls' manually because they all have the same portrait frontal version and I just exchange all their accessories," she says. 

"I felt like doing a generative project on NFTs was perfect for me to take all of those trades that I already did in my in real life pieces, and turn them into a collection where it could be accessible for anyone, anywhere. Because my art is physical, delivering it around the world is kind of complicated. So it's really cool how you can be part of my community just by owning an entity without owning the real-life art."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Bianca Montoya, NFT artist 

Lorna Hernandez, NFT artist and activist