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The Roundtable: The New Media Superstars

Our evolving and fractured media landscape reflects our deeply fractured politics. But what does it all mean, and where are things headed?

In this week's Roundtable Roundup, a panel of commentators from across the political spectrum discuss the Inflation Reduction Act, partisan politics, and mainstream media in the U.S. In this segment, they talk about entertainment, news, and the evolution of the media.

Sharon Kyle of the LA Progressive notes that new media may be culturally empowering, but should not obscure the continuing deterioration in civic literacy.

 "Americans are still over-entertained and under-informed about the things that are really important and essential in their lives," she says. "Any of these [social media] superstars can have a million followers on Twitter, yeah, they get a lot of attention. But what are they doing about controlling what's happening or offering solutions for what's happening with the average person?"

Xavier Hawk, the founder of Phireon, believes that the rise of niche and hyper-partisan media should not cause us to abandon the search for common ground. Rather, he believes it suggests that such ground is still possible. 

"Both sides really want the same things," he says. "We want respect. We want people to be treated with respect. We want to live in a humane world. Where there's not wars conducted for nepotism, greed and all of these horrible things that are creating a hellscape on earth, right?" 

He continued, "We want to have agency, like Sharon said, and build a world together that is worth living in a positive vision and not a reactive vision to all of these problems that are put on top of us. We want something that's unified and beautiful. And we wanna be able to reach everybody through a populous platform. And we stand at the only time in history where everything is so crazy polarized that we can pick a new path together." 

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Sharon Kyle, Co-Founder, LA Progressive

Niko House, Host, MCSC Network

Alex Mascioli, Co-Founder, Trade the Chain

Xavier Hawk, Founder, Phireon