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The Roundtable: Feminism and Transgender Athletes

What does the Riley Gaines case show about the debate around sports, society, and gender?

A panel of experts joined Roundtable to discuss the role of trans influencers in sports. In this segment, they discuss feminism, title IX and the Lia Thomas case.

Joy Villa argues that the presence of trans athletes in women's sports erases women's advancements in the field.

"Now we're shutting down women's voices, the very opposite of what feminism has fought for, to lift up more female voices," she says. 

"I no longer call myself a feminist. I'm a strong female. I'm a woman in business, in the arts. I'm very successful. But I have seen what it has become, and I have seen how it's the destruction of the female figure." 

She concludes, "Now, it's all gender neutral."

Watch the full video: 

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Roundtable Guests:

Alana Mediavilla, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur

Michael Loftus, Founder

Joy Villa, Host, The Joy Villa Show on YouTube

Taylor Ferber, Former Red Carpet Reporter, Host, "Cancel Me, Baby" Podcast