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The Mainstream Media Doesn't Know what to do with the Trucker Protests

The strikes represent a coalition that transcends party lines.

Michael Loftus, comedian and editor of, and Niko House, political analyst at, joined Roundtable to discuss hot-button current issues around sports, race and politics.

In this segment, the panel discusses how media bias shapes popular political opinion.

Loftus argues that mainstream media capitalizes on political polarization, while setting the standard for acceptable speech.

“Whenever people are getting deleted off of Twitter and Facebook and YouTube because they say something contrary to what CNN is saying, even though the world knows it's a lie, that's problematic,” Loftus said. “Everyone makes money off the fight. They argue about it, but nothing actually gets done."

Rather than feed party-line polemics, Loftus says, the media ought to renew its commitment to making sense of the events on the ground.

"At some point you need a search for truth," Loftus said. "There has to be a common shared reality, and we have to really try to figure out what's going on."

House points to the Canadian truckers' strikes as an example of mass political action that the media has misrepresented.

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"They're scared of the support that those truckers and other movements have gotten instantaneously," House said, referring to the widespread characterization of the protestors as ignorant racists. "They're scared of the unifying nature of these movements. Because despite popular belief, it is a very diverse group of people protesting right now."

Despite the stigmatization of the protests, Loftus sees them as a landmark moment.

"Those truckers are putting on a clinic on how to peacefully protest," Loftus said. "It is people from all races and creeds and religions and backgrounds. It's beautiful.”

Roundtable Guests:
Michael Loftus, standup comedian and editor-in-chief of

Niko House, political analyst and founder of

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