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Roundtable Interview: War Reporter Kaj Larsen on Ukraine's Tech-Savvy Tactics

Ukrainian soldiers are improvising warfare using drones and other technologies as they face a larger, heavier Russian ground forces.

Journalist Kaj Larsen has spent his career reporting on conflict in war zones around the world. Most recently, he covered the early weeks of the war in Ukraine on the ground. Larsen sat down with Roundtable at Bitcoin Miami to discuss the war, military strategy and where Ukraine is heading.

In this segment, Larsen discusses technology and the tactics in the ongoing conflict.

Larsen explains that the confrontation involves a peculiar mix of low and high-tech strategies.

"It's a very artillery-centric war. Think old-school, World War I, trenches, big artillery pieces firing back and forth," he says. "At the same time, there's all these drones buzzing above your head, like a swarm of bees over your head while you're moving around the front lines."

Both Russia and Ukraine, he notes, have adapted off-the-shelf consumer-grade drones to use in combat. Larsen argues that part of Ukraine's success can be attributed to that very adaptability.

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"The Ukrainians, and not just the Ukrainian military, civilians that are staying behind, are improvising," Larsen says. "They don't have the armor of the Russian military. But they are leaning on what they have, which is their technological skill sets, and they're using them in very, very savvy ways."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Kaj Larsen, Journalist and War Correspondent