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Ukrainian Women in Wartime

As men stay to fight Russian soldiers, women were allowed to leave the country. Still, Ukrainians say that they're all in it together.

After Ukraine became one of the first countries to legalize blockchain, the global blockchain community has played an unprecedented role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. A panel of Ukrainian blockchain founders joined Roundtable to discuss the ongoing war.

In this segment, the panel discusses the mandate for men to remain in Ukraine to fight.

Andrii Lazorenko argues that the order is essential to the country’s success in the war.

“We all are focused on victory, and every person participates,” he said. “By allowing men to flee the country, it'll create lower motivation for others who will see that some people are fleeing the country.”

Ukraine has particularly high rates of gender equality in high-ranking positions, including the country’s female Minister of Defense. Olena Petrashchuk says that, though she left the country with her children, she is supporting the fighters on the ground in her own way.

“I’m buying night vision equipment, reading documentation about it,” she said. “So I'm trying to help our army as much as I can.”

As the war rages on, Alex Fisun of Global Ledger remains optimistic about Ukraine’s victory.

“Now it really feels that we are in this together,” he says. “If the world will continue to support us, we definitely will continue fighting and we definitely will win.”

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Andrey Lazorenko, CEO and co-founder, Ideasoft

Olena Petrashchuk, CEO, 4ire Labs; Partner, Datrics

Pavel Kravchenko, CEO and co-founder, Distributed Labs

Mike Yezhov, Co-founder, Zpoken

Alex Fisun, Co-founder, Global Ledger