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Roundtable Interview: Marco Vicenzino and Brock Pierce on Ukraine's "Leadership in Action"

The geopolitical analyst discusses lessons from Ukraine with Brock Pierce.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine signals a dramatic shift not only in geopolitics, but also in governance, technology and internatonial aid. Geopolitical analyst Marco Vicenzino and Bitcoin Foundation chairman Brock Pierce joined Roundtable to discuss governance, the blockchain and the ongoing war.

In this segment, they discuss the lessons to be learned from the Russian invasion.

Pierce argues that the character shown by Ukrainians fighting for their country should lead people all over the world to their own reckonings.

"We've seen from the Ukrainian people that there were willing to die for their Liberty. They're willing to die for their sovereignty. They're willing to die for their country," he says. "I encourage everyone to ask themselves, what are you willing to die for? Because then you know what to fight for, and more importantly, what to live for."

Vicenzino observes that Ukrainians have demonstrated a level of leadership and initiative that even Putin did not expect.

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"When the call to duty came most ordinary citizens and their leaders responded," he says. "Many Ukrainians who are in Europe, who've been living there for years and working, have taken off and gone back home just to fight. Putin was saying that Ukraine is not a real nation, and I think it was a rude awakening for him. 

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Brock Pierce, Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation

Marco Vicenzino, Geopolitical Analyst