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The Roundtable: Why Skaters Will Love Web3

The blockchain-based platform Free2Shred allows skaters to monetize their work by cutting out the middlemen.

There are traces of a shared ethos between skateboarding culture and Web3: both are fueled by ideals of decentralization, creativity, and autonomy from established systems. The creators behind the platform Free2Shred have married the two worlds in a blockchain-based social network that allows practitioners of street sports to map skate spots and document and monetize their tricks. Founders Lev Filimonov and Tommy Petrov sat down with Roundtable to talk about skateboarding, technology, and the future of the web.

In this segment, Filimonov and Petrov discuss the opportunities that Web3 opens up for creators and skateboarders.

Petrov, who has spent the recent years of his career at Snapchat, notes that Web3 allows for the first-ever creator economy without intermediaries.

“In this case, you have peer-to-peer communication. That's changing the game, because if you look back in history, there was always a third party, a curator, an institution, benefitting from creative people,” he says. “It's the best time to be a creative person. We need to build on that.”

Filimonov argues that the shift is particularly significant for skateboarders.

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“Skaters were never treated like artists, because there was no way for them to actually monetize that art,” he says. “If I have to be an athlete, I have to participate in win a contest to make money. If you're really good at skating, somebody will pay you to promote their things. But we want them to work directly with their fans, with people who admire what they do.”

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Lev Filimonov, Founder, Free2Shred

Tommy Petrov, CMO, Free2Shred