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Why Now and Why So Little Pushback?

Recent vaccine mandates have caused pushback

Drew Cutkomp, EntrePReneurs Co-Founder, said he believes the government is trying to overstep with the vaccine mandates, adding that they’re taking away “freedom of choice.”

Cutkomp also said that, during the pandemic, various mandates and lockdowns have affected businesses, specifically small businesses, negatively.

“The ramifications of the lockdowns and the back and forth has just caused so much disruption,” Cutkomp said. “As we're trying to host events, literally, we have venues turning us away from even hosting because we don't have enough staff. It's a common thing.”

The panelists also noted how there is little pushback about the vaccine, particularly in places like California, as opposed to red states, like Florida, where people are more outspoken.

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