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The Midterms and the Partisan Debate Over Voting Rights and "Election Integrity"

Between claims of fraud and proliferating voter suppression laws, a vanishing number of Americans retain faith in the country's ability to hold "free and fair" elections.

Elections expert Steven Rosenfeld says that if the Democrats lose big in the upcoming midterms, they will raise the issue of state-level Republican legislation that can be justifiably categorized as “voter suppression.”

“They will actually be able to point to state legislatures that passed a lot of laws that they would characterize as 'voter suppression' or 'anti-voter' [and] end up making the claim that yeah, it was 'stolen' too,” Rosenfeld says.

Rosenfeld says that “stolen is a sloppy verb" and notes that when used by the left and the right, they are referring to very different things.  

Rosenfeld further notes that non-partisan election officials are in many cases being replaced by partisan hacks. “The checks and balances that exist in our imperfect system are [under threat]," he says.

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Political analyst Niko House says he considers himself farther to the left than the average Democrat, but takes seriously the concerns and arguments of both parties.

“I don't pretend Stacey Abrams didn't get cheated because I don't like Democrats,” hsays. “I felt like she should have taken [her challenge of the outcome in her election] further, but for whatever reason, she stood down.”

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