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Joseph Haggenmiller of XBTO: Crypto Can Store Wealth for Everyday People

The Head of Markets discusses the future of crypto investing.

XBTO Group has been a pioneer in the cryptofinance space as one of the finance firms at the forefront of trading and investing. Joseph Haggenmiller, Head of Markets at XBTO, talked to Roundtable about the company's evolution and the future of cryptocurrency at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami. 

The company began in 2015 as one of the first institutional liquidity providers to major cryptocurrency platform. Then, Haggenmiller recounts, "we branched out into trading, and along the way, we made some investments in exchanges and other market infrastructure companies. So we became a VC company. Now we're more of a traditional training firm, but we've added mining asset management."

As the market evolves, Haggenmiller envisions that ordinary people will continue to invest in crypto as an alternative form of storing wealth.

"We've known for a couple years now that it's not going to be what you're gonna use to transact, but it is seen as a store of value," he says.

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Roundtable Guest:

Joseph Haggenmiller, Head of Markets, XBTO