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Five Ukrainian Entrepreneurs on Zelensky: "We Have the Leader We Deserve"

Even before making international headlines for insisting on staying to fight the war, Ukraine's president was known for his accessibility.

After Ukraine became one of the first countries to legalize blockchain, the global blockchain community has played an unprecedented role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. A panel of Ukrainian blockchain founders joined Roundtable to discuss the ongoing war.

In this segment, the panel discusses their perspective on Ukrainian president Vlodymyr Zelenskyy.

Alex Fisun of Global Ledger notes that the accessibility of Zelenskyy’s media presence has carried over to his dialogue with the blockchain community.

“Zelenskyy opened a completely new level of transparency and communication between the government and the people,” Fisun said. “That was the same when we had dialogues between business and the government, especially in crypto.”

Olena Petrashchuk of 4ire Labs notes that Zelenskyy’s accessibility comes with a cutting-edge approach to technology.

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“Zelenskyy has two very strong sides. First of all, he's super close to the nation, and second, he's very progressive,” she said. “He also understands that Ukraine is a crypto-adoptive nation. We have a lot of, crypto projects, crypto startups, which pay taxes to the country because he understands it.“

That attitude towards tech innovation, Fisun points out, has carried over to governance even in the midst of war.

“The app that we use to pay electricity and have our COVID tests paying our parking tickets, we can use it to report Russian tanks’ locations right now,” Fisun said.

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests

Andrii Lazorenko, CEO, Co-Founder at Ideasoft

Olena Petrashchuk, CEO, 4ire Labs; Partner, Datrics

Pavel Kravchenko, CEO and Co-founder, Distributed Labs

Mike Yezhov, Co-founder, Zpoken

Alex Fisun, Co-founder, Global Ledger