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Managing a Successful Channel: Best Practices

1. External Audience Development and Endorsement

  • Public and Media Appearances
    • Always include your channel URL visually
    • Mention the DeMed mission and patient offering
    • Participate in “Summits”
  • Social Media Promotion
    • Promote and link “out” to your Channel Story/Video
      • Don't "give away the store" by publishing complete stories or videos on social, put that on your channel and link to it
      • Put Mission in social media “About” page and link to home

2. Channel Audience Development

  • Internal Social Engagement
    • Non-Members Forum
      • 2 times daily check-ins (5 min, morning and evening)
      • Promote 1 story (external or internal), with comments (Pin)
        • Engage in conversation
      • Participate in other conversations
      • If answering a common medical question, always start fresh thread (users get direct answers only within Members-Only)
    • Members-Only Forum - “Ask Doctor _____"
      • Simply, directly answer a question of a member, 1 time daily

3. Channel Content Production

  • Content/Story/Video Production (one page is sufficient, or summary on 3rd party story)
    • Daily professional content (Exclusive relationship)
    • Video focus, one video story per day
    • No substack, competitive “.com,” regular editorial relationship
    • Always not-competitive, if promoting content
      • 3rd party must supply proper attribution, link and branding
    • 4 out of 5 stories are free

4. Shared Content Production with fellow docs (DeMed home, GCS etc)

  • Declarations
  • Research, expert reach-out, editing, production
  • Once-per-week story (one page is sufficient, or summary on 3rd party story)
  • Video Participation
    • Make yourself available for interviews, daily if applicable

Additional notes to consider for content production:

Post a link to your new stories on your forum.  Also check the forum several times daily to answer questions, check for trolling/spam etc.

The target audience is the general public, so lengthy academic or deeply technical stories are not helpful, though they can certainly be referenced.

There are 3 ways to handle stories that originated elsewhere.

  • Simply repost, if it’s from our group or if you have permission - e.g. this Malone story.
  • Summarize the story with links back to it - like here.
  • Use “site programming” in Tempest to direct-link from the home page. Chris can help.

Always double-check stories online after publication for formatting and other errors.