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From Telecoms to Blockchains: Mike Francis on the Growing Market for Institutional Crypto Services

Mike Francis’ firm Distributed Ledger is growing fast by helping corporations own and mine cryptocurrencies.

While serving as the owner of a telecom company, Mike Francis and his partners saw a need for enterprise and institutional service in the crypto industry. Like its name, the company itself is distributed across the Western Hemisphere, with no physical offices, but assets that include data centers across the U.S. and Latin America. Francis sat down with Roundtable’s Rob Nelson at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami to talk about his venture that is quickly outgrowing its reputation as serving a "niche market." 

“Everything bubbles up to accumulate crypto, that's what it's all about for us,” said Francis. “We started out with the idea that we're going to build services that are institutional and enterprise grade, so others can get involved with us to accumulate more crypto.”

“[Our clients are] mostly institutional or publicly traded companies who are looking for a partner who can put Bitcoin on their balance sheet," Francis continued. 

"Obviously it's better to mine it than to buy it in certain cases. And we provide a complete turnkey solution to them. If you're General Motors, then you probably already have some institutional or industrial facilities, industrial power and a lot of things that you need. So either we or a client will own a facility, and we do everything from beginning to end—from procurement to installation, management, and monitoring 24/7 uptime."

The company is also on call in case something goes wrong. 

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"We have repair services," he explained. "And we're using machine learning to learn about the mining environment and to help us better predict when things need fixing.”

Watch the full discussion here:

Roundtable Participants,

Mike Francis, chief executive officer, Distributed Ledger, Inc.