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YouTuber Naeem Al-Obaidi—the "Jim Cramer of Crypto"—on Adoption Through Education

Naeem Al-Obaidi's Snipers channel aims to keep regular people informed on movements in crypto markets.

Naeem Al-Obaidi believes in the potential of Bitcoin to transform the financial prospects of ordinary people. To that end, every day for the last five years, Al-Obaidi has posted a Youtube video analyzing movements in the crypto markets. He sat down with Roundtable at Bitcoin Miami to talk about his channel, Snipers.

Al-Obaidi explained that he aims to take a uniquely long-term view of the markets. "What's unique about our approach is the fact that we don't just cover Bitcoin on a daily basis. We compare Bitcoin to traditional market international markets. We look at commodities like oil gold. We look at the strength of the U.S. dollar," he said. "Sometimes we'll take Bitcoin and look at it against the money supply. We'll look at different stocks against the money supply because all of these things affect Bitcoin's price."

That long view, Al-Obaidi said, is part of helping his audience think of Bitcoin as an asset worth investing in to generate lifelong wealth.

"The way that we can trade Bitcoin is an opportunity and an outlet for people to generate a form of income without having to leave their house without having to go out," he said. He noted that his videos have allowed some of his Youtube viewers to use Bitcoin to become financially independent.

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"When I started making videos, I realized there was a huge demand for tracking the price of Bitcoin on a daily basis, because people not only invest in this asset for the long term and use it as a storage of value, but some people, they find a way to create a source of income through it," he explained. "It's beautiful me for me to see my students and see my viewers and my audience experience that transformation."

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Naeem Al-Obaidi, Founder of Snipers on YouTube