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Sabrina Salvati

Sabrina Salvati is an educator, activist and host of Sabby Sabs podcast and co-host of the Fred Hampton Leftists podcast. She spent most of her childhood growing up in Germany and saw many benefits of leftist policies. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Carolina and a Masters in Education degree from Northeastern University. As an activist, she has been very critical of the healthcare, education and criminal justice systems in the United States. She discusses these issues as well as the failures of the two party system and direct action on her show.

Sabrina resides in the Boston area of Massachusetts with her husband

Fun Facts

  • She's a book nerd
  • She has a fantasy football league
  • She loves 80's & 90's music!
  • She's a good basketball like, really!
  • Although she was born in the US, she started school in Hanau, Germany
  • She loves to write and wants to publish her work but is nervous about doing this.
  • She became more interested in politics after joining her high school debate team.
  • When the economy took a downturn, she lost her internship in media and with no job prospects in journalism, she decided to pursue administration in higher ed.
  • She has lived in the Boston area for 9 years. And she's never lived anywhere this long!