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Chris Hedges joined Sabby Sabs to discuss political strategy, organizing and the mistakes of the Bernie Sanders movement. 

After watching the DNC smear Bernie Sanders, two election cycles in a row.  Some of Bernie's former supporters are advocating for a different strategy; Sabby is one of them. Sabby asks Chris Hedges about Bernie abandoning his movement and his refusal to start a third party. Chris explains why Bernie Sanders would not fight back against the DNC and why he did not run as an independent. 

As an activist and organizer, Sabby talks with Chris about the current struggles with organizing through social media and increasing turnout. Sabby references the Civil Rights Movement as an organizing goal. What does Chris Hedges say about current organizing strategies and what we could be doing wrong? 

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What is the next strategy politically? This is the question some former Bernie supporters are asking now. Sabby explains to Chris the model her Revolutionary Blackout Network comrades are following, which focuses more on direct action and mutual aid and less on voting. What does Chris Hedges say about the future of the electorate? What about third parties? 

Sabby and Chris Hedges discuss all these issues and more in this interview.