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Cornel West joins Sabrina on Sabby podcast for in depth discussion about the Biden administration, Bernie Sanders movement and foreign policy relations.

Sabrina discusses the treatment towards the Palestinian people and why more people are not willing to empathize with the Palestinian struggle. Sabby also breaks down censorship in reference to this issue and in particular Harvard  University denying Dr. West tenure. 

Sabby also explains why Bernie Sanders movement has ended and Bernie's lack of resistance towards the Democratic party and failure to start a thrid party movement. Dr. West discusses why Bernie refused to work outside the Democratic party and his lack of support for reparations for ADOS.

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The Biden administration has receieved a lot of criticism from Republicans but also Democrats because inflation and other economic issues. Sabby also explains to Dr. West how Biden embraced facism through the police state and military industrial complex. Dr. West explains why he voted for Joe Biden.

Sabby discusses these issues and more with Dr. West in this segment.