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Sabby sits down with Danny Haiphong, contributor at Black Agenda Report and host The Left Lens to discuss the current divide on the left. 

After observing Chris Hedges statement about the boutique left on Briahna Joy Gray's Bad Faith podcast, Danny and Sabby dive into their own personal experiences dealing with boutique leftists in Boston, MA. 

The discussion of leftists that want change vs. leftists that fight for change, explores a much deeper conversation about the class divide in the United States; particularly in highly educated areas such as Boston and Cambridge. Born and raised in Cambridge, MA, Danny Haiphong discusses his experience growing up working class in the hub. 

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Where do elites really stand when it comes to helping poor black communities? Is there a disconnect between the working class and elites, even in progressive cities like Boston? 

Sabby dives into this topic and many more in this interview with  journalist Danny Haiphong.