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Eleanor Goldfield discusses her experience with immigration in the United States. She talks about how the differential treatment of immigrants coming from Europe vs. immigrants coming from Central America, South America, Africa etc... Why is Kamala Harris telling immigrants not to come here, after she said they should come here and seek asylum? But why are migrants coming here to begin with? Instead of blaming immigrants, why aren't we blaming imperialism? We talk about the lack of transparency from the Biden administration about the conflict at the border. 

We also discuss the importance of giving ADOS reparations. Why does the United States government continue to fund wars but claims to have no funds for reparations? Eleanor also talks about how land was stolen from Native Americans. Does the United States government, owe Native Americans their land back? Should we have reparations for Native Americans?

Eleanor Goldfield also discusses the similarities between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. How has Biden continued Trump's policies? Is the problem really Republican vs. Democrats? We discuss all of this and more.

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