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Jimmy Dore joins Sabby Sabs to discuss the recent uproar between Ana Kasparian from The Young Turks (TYT) smearing of Aaron Mate's journalism on Syria, and Kyle Kulinski's lack of response for Aaron Mate. 

Sabby Sabs and Jimmy dive into Kyle Kulinski's cringe videos where he attempts to defend both TYT, Aaron Mate and Jimmy Dore. While Kyle tries to ride the fence, he ends up losing friends on both sides. Jimmy explains why in this particular situation, it was important for Kyle to take a side. 

Jimmy also discusses the failures of Joe Biden as a politician and the squad's refusal to vote as a block and challenge the establishment Democrats. There is an expressed need to vote for third party candidates due to the corrupt duopoly currently in power. Should we continue to play the inside outside game with candidates from Justice Democrats? Is Justice Democrats part of the same corrupt Democratic party, they were supposed to take over?

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