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Commentator Kim Iversen stops by Sabby Sabs podcast to discuss the Gavin Newsome's recall, independent media outlets, the eviction moratorium and the homelessness issue in Los Angeles. 

Kim discusses the election issues of Gavin Newsome recall and the role the media played in his election. Although the race was between Larry Elder and Gavin Newsome, Kim mentions other candidates that were not promoted by mainstream media. The narrative portrayed by mainstream role with US elections has given rise to independent media platforms. 

Are all of the independent media platforms, truly independent? Kim Iversen explains how outlets like Majority Report are not truly independent. Are there certain platforms boosted by YouTube's algorithm? Why are some independent media outlets on YouTube's corporate algorithm? What does this mean for the rest of independent media?

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With the rise of evictions, Kim and Sabby discuss the homelessness issue in cities like Los Angeles. What is the reason for the homelessness issue and is Covid solely to blame?