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Professor Irami Osei-Frimpong joins Sabby Sabs podcast to have an in depth discussion about class and race in the United States. Was Bernie Sanders on the right path when he started a movement for the 99%? Could this movement still continue or would race be a major factor?

Irami discusses the issues he think may occur if there were a class movement in the United States. Would racial division hurt this movement? Would the top 1% try to find a financial incentive that would force a gap between working class white people and working class people of color?

Irami and Sabby also discuss how Democrats have failed the working class. Is this is a party issue or is capitalism to blame? Is it possible to place guard rails on capitalism or would greed always prevail in the end? Is socialism the answer? 

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Sabby and Irami dive into these questions and more in this interview segment.