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Matt Taibbi is taking a break from Useful Idiots with Katie Halper, but don't worry, there's a replacement. Aaron Mate' is joining Katie Halper on Useful Idiots for the time being. Why is Matt Taibbi taking a break from Useful Idiots? Will Aaron Mate' continue his show Pushback? What does the future hold for Useful Idiots?

Andrew Cuomo faces charges for sexual misconduct but recent news segments are reporting that he will not face charges for the Covid nursing home deaths in NY. Why is Andrew Cuomo given a pass for the nursing home deaths? What does the district attorney have to say and is there any hope for the family members of the victims?

Joe Rogan and Marjorie Taylor Greene have not had a good week with Twitter's censorship policies. After Dr. Robert Malone announces his upcoming appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast, he is banned from Twitter; but why? What does Joe Rogan have to say about Twitter's censorship? Marjorie Taylor Greene is also banned from Twitter this week, but what did she say that caused Twitter to pull the plug? Should we start using other platforms and say goodbye to Twitter for good?

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