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Sabby explores how AOC's comments about the protests in Cuba are problematic. AOC tries to side with President Joe Biden's claim that the protests are due to socialism. AOC angers her progressive base and after being ratioed on Twitter, she deletes the tweet and blames the protests on the embargo.  

Sabby also explores Kyle Kulinski's delayed comments about TYT's smears of Aaron Mate's journalism and Ana Kasparian's smear of Jimmy Dore. Sabby points out, that with this particular situation Kyle's decision to side with all parties, actually worked against him. He's removed from the TYT network and loses his friendship with TYT and Jimmy Dore. Sabby compares AOC and Kyle's situations and explains what can happen when you try to please both sides. 

Sabby considers several questions. Is it ever truly safe to play in the middle? When does playing in the middle go wrong? And what happens if you feel you cannot choose a side? How could these situations have been handled differently?

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