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Democrats have a rude awakening for 2022 elections. Bernie Sanders had a recent interview warning Democrats in Congress, Senate and President Joe Biden that they will indeed lose seats this year, if they do not implement certain policies. Sanders urges Democrats in DC to pay close attention to the needs of Americans and how they have greatly changed since the pandemic started. What does Bernie tell Democrats to do in order to win? And more importantly, will they listen to him?

Joe Biden heads to Atlanta to discuss the Voting Rights Bill and his plans to bring better protection to Georgia voters in the upcoming elections. But is it already too late? How do activists in Georgia feel about Biden's latest cry for help? How do people feel about his speech at HBCUs and his broken promise to cancel student loan debt for them? Will the Voting Rights Bill pass and if so, is it already too late for Biden?

Symone Sanders, Bernie Sanders former press secretary and Joe Biden's former Senior Advisor, has decided to join MSNBC. But how do progressives feel about her turn towards establishment media?

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