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Bernie Sanders appears on Krystal Kyle & Friends but someone is missing...Kyle Kulinski. While the squad organizes a protest at the capital, Cori Bush finally responds to the million dollar question...why did the squad force the vote for Medicare For All? Sabby dives comments on both stories in this news segment. 

While Krystal Ball interviews Bernie Sanders, Kyle Kulinski is noticeably absent from this interview. Bernie Sanders agreed to do the interview only if Kyle was not present. But why? What would prompt Bernie to dismiss one of his most loyal supporters from his 2016 and 2020 campaign. Sabby dives into this story.

Cori Bush, AOC and other members of the squad organize a protest at the capital for the eviction moratorium, even though Congress has sent members home for recess. Is this protest performative? While there, Max Blumenthal interviews Cori Bush and asks her why the squad didn't force the vote for Medicare for All. What was Cori's response and why is it problematic? 

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