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Ritchie Torres has joined the peanut gallery in confirming that Joe Biden is doing a great job, in a recent interview. Briahna Joy Gray and Ritchie Torres debate on Twitter about the policies that Joe Biden has refused to implement; policies he can do by executive order. Torres, who was praised by the New York Times for his progressive stance, has appeared to not be as a progressive once he took office. Is there more that Joe Biden can do? Who won this debate? 

Candace Owens speaks out about the injustice Australians are facing in what appears to be a sarcastic attempt to poke fun at defunding the police. While Candace focuses on the injustice occurring in Australia, she seems to turn a blind eye to the injustice many Americans face at home. At what point, do we stop taking Candace Owens seriously? 

CNN hosts a town hall with Joe Biden about the current state of the American economy. Unfortunately, Joe Biden stumbles over his answers and raises the question many Americans have been Joe Biden fit to run the country? 

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