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There has been a back and forth Twitter war brewing between The Young Turks commentator Cenk Uygur and comedian/podcaster Joe Rogan. Cenk Uygur has challenged Joe Rogan to a fight via tweet and even bet money that could beat him in a fight. Is this feud between the two over politics or is this just a podcaster spotlight feud? 

When Democrats push the Build Back Better Act, they ensured the American people that the middle class would receive a tax cut under the bill. However, Sabby reveals that the tax cut for Build Back Better is actually going to benefit wealthy Americans instead of middle class Americans. This makes some question, if they've been told the truth about what exactly is in the Build Back Better Act. What are the better paying jobs, they're referring to? What are the lower costs? 

John Deere workers have been on strike and they finally get a huge win! Sabby tells you about the details of their new benefits.

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