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Cenk Uygur and Kyle Kulinski are still expressing hope for AOC and the squad, after the squad decides not to hold the line. After several disappointments of the squad not using their leverage and voting as a block, TYT and Secular Talk are still continuing to simp for the squad. Is their history with Justice Democrats clouding their judgement? Or have they trying to keep Americans in the Democratic party? 

Cori Bush is criticizing Joe Manchin about the lack of support for the African American community in the Build Back Better Act. What did Joe Manchin say to make Cori Bush so upset? Is the blame soley on Joe Manchin or is he a rotating villain? Is the Build Back Better Act worth passing in the house if it does not address help for marginalized communities? At this point, is the bill worth passing?

A new poll has emerged about Generation Z and their thoughts on the duopoly. How does Generation Z feel about the two party system? 

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