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After his removal from TYT, Kyle Kulinski has come out against Jimmy Dore in a recent interview with Vaush. Unfortunately, his remarks about Jimmy, does not renew his relationship with The Young Turks. After a clip from the interview goes viral on Twitter, Cenk Uygur delivers a cringe response to Kyle Kulinski that a lot of progressives up in arms over this feud. Why is Kyle bashing Jimmy Dore now? What was Cenk's response to Kyle?

Delilah is running for governor of Texas as a Green Party candidate. Current polls show that Beto is losing his race against Governor Abbott. After everything that Texans have been through this past year under Governor Abbott, one has to ask, do Texas really want Governor Abbott? Is this the perfect time for a third party candidate to emerge? What does Delilah have to say about independents in Texas?

Sabby has a special announcement for Sabby Sabs podcast. What does Sabby have in the works?

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