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Is the left doomed? Chris Hedges stopped by Krystal Kyle and Friends for much needed discussion about Bernie Sanders movement, the Democratic party and the need for third parties. What did Chris Hedges have to say about Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden? What did the DNC do to Bernie Sanders campaign? Is there a need for third parties now so more than ever?

AOC vacationed in Florida and her appearance was met with hypocrisy on her part. Ron DeSantis team welcomed her on Twitter but was met with a harsh response from AOC. What did AOC do in Florida that now has conservatives and leftists pointing fingers at her? Is there hypocrisy when it comes to masks and covid restrictions from Congress members?

Teddy joins Sabby Sabs to discuss the current war in Ethiopia. What comparisons does Teddy make about the conflict in Ethiopia and the conflict in the United States? Where does race and class fit in, in this discussion? 

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